Pottery Fair 2019 Artist and Worker Registration

AGAIN THIS YEAR:  We repeat last year’s introduction of “The Hot Arts” as a component of the annual Pottery Fair.   Artists working in all clay or fired media (traditional clay, metal clay, paper clay, polyclay, glass, enameling, welding) are eligible to participate.  Commission on sales remains 20 percent, applied to the first $3,000 in sales; sales in excess of $3,000 will not be charged commission.  All sales are handled by Guild staff in the Sales Tent. Application Deadline is May 31, 2019.  Guild members pay a discounted Registration fee.

 LOCATION:  STONE QUARRY HILL ART PARK, Stone Quarry Road, Cazenovia, NY 13035   (www.stonequarryhillartpark.org for information about the Art Park)

 DATES/HOURS:        Saturday, August 17, 2019:     10:00 a.m.  - 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, August 18, 2019:       10:00 a.m.  -  4:00 p.m. followed by tear-down & clean-up Exhibitors and volunteer staff should arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. each day

 EXHIBITOR FEE:  There is space for approximately 45 exhibitors in the Art Barn and adjacent Gallery.  Space may also be available for a limited number of 10 by 10 pop-up tents nearby.   Art Barn spaces are approximately 3’x8’ and Gallery spaces are approximately 2’x10’.  Displays need to fit within these spaces.

Full Space: Member, $75; Non-Member, $100 ; after May 1: $100 & $125

Half Space/Garden:    Member, $45; Non-Member, $55; after May 1: $65 & $75

 ELIGIBILITY:           Members:  2019 Dues paid ($50.00)   Non-Members:  Please provide your website or other link with photos of your work

APPLICATION DEADLINE:           May 31, 2019

DISPLAY SET-UP DATES:     Thursday, August 15:   10:00 am to 8:00 pm            Friday, August 16:   10:00 am to noon

 Important - All individual displays must be set up by 12:00 noon on Friday.  From noon on, all exhibitors must be available to complete general preparations (grounds work, placement of signage, entrance flags, lawn seating, trash cans, demo set-up, etc.).  Note:  schedule adjustments may be arranged for non-local exhibitors.

Additional Terms and Information on the show is below the form (scroll down)

Name *
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Mailing Address
What materials are in your artwork?
Are you a member?
If you are not a Guild member, please provide a link to your portfolio online (Web site, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
What size space do you want? (costs above)
Do you need to rent an 8-foot table?
Exhibitors and non-exhibiting Guild members are expected to assist with Pottery Fair preparations and staffing during the event. Staffing assignments will be made with reference to exhibitor preference and event needs. Exhibitors are encouraged to recruit a friend/relative to assist with the many staffing needs during the event: sales tent, customer service, Glaze-Your-Own & Raku firing, children’s hands-on supervision, demonstrations, Raffle, signage, grounds patrol, etc. Exhibitors and volunteer staff must be on site by 9:00 each morning, and remain through tear-down at the close of Pottery Fair on Sunday. Pottery Fair revenue is the principal source of support for the Guild’s non-profit programming through the year. Pottery Fair works because we all work! ENTER YOUR NAME OR SOMEONE YOU ARE COMMITTING TO VOLUNTEER IN YOUR PLACE.
Email to contact volunteer with work assignment
Time Volunteering: Pre-show, during show. PRE-SHOW BARN & GALLERY CLEAN-UP: Wednesday, August 14, 10:00 until noon. This is a team effort; many hands make light work. Work gloves and sturdy shoes are recommended.
Which Jobs do you prefer? ALSO list any jobs you can't physically perform: Sales Tent (check-out, wrapping) Glaze-Your-Own Raku (assisting purchasers) Wheel demonstration Raku firing Admission at park entrance Mug Sales Tent ClayTown (working with kids) Floor Sales/Customer Assistance Raffle Tent Ticket Sales Holding Station in Sales Tent
How many small pots are you donating for Glaze Your Own raku tent use? Potters, please commit to providing 10 small unglazed pots. We need about 400 pieces for the weekend. There will be a Guild workday to help produce the necessary ware. Specifications: Small vase/cylindrical shapes, bowls 3-6" high; no plates or flat shapes. All pots must be bisqued and engraved on the bottom with an initial and number – no underglaze – ware must be identifiable when it comes out black from the firing. Be sure you use clay that can tolerate Raku temperature shock.
The Pottery Fair Committee will continue the tradition of hosting a catered Chinese picnic on Saturday evening, August 18, at 5:30 p.m. Pottery Fair exhibitors & volunteer workers attend free; family members or guests may attend at $5.00 per person, payable at the picnic.
You have read all the terms above AND BELOW this form on this Web page.

Additional Terms and Information:

SPACE ALLOCATION:  Space dimensions are approximate, depending on floor plan; some spaces will be against a wall and some will be free-standing, back-to-back with another display.  Be prepared to use a backdrop or draping if the back of your display will be visually jarring to a display behind yours.  All tables must be draped to the floor for visual appeal and to provide out of sight storage for surplus inventory.  Space and work assignments will be emailed in July.

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Limited space is available in the Artists Lodge for exhibitors traveling long distances to the Art Park.  Reservations required; $35 per night.  Sarah Tietje-Mietz:  315-655-3196 or sarah@stonequarryhillartpark.org

 SPECIAL DISPLAYS:  Group "theme" display space(s) for garden sculpture, wall pieces, Raku, Christmas/Judaica etc. may be available for additional placement of ware.  Wall plaques, and other hanging items are displayed on the exterior front wall of the Gallery and on a standing structure in the garden.  Drop-off stations will be available for these items prior to 12:00 noon on Friday.

RAKU:  Glaze-Your-Own Raku firing is a popular part of the Pottery Fair, enjoyed by children and adults.  For a modest fee members of the public can purchase and glaze a bisqued vessel which is fired while they wait.  Potters, please commit to providing 10 small unglazed pots.  We need about 400 pieces for the weekend.  There will be a Guild workday to help produce the necessary ware. 

GUILD GALLERY DISPLAY:  Exhibitors are asked to donate an item for the Guild’s special Pottery Fair exhibit which highlights our collective effort. Your donation supports Guild programming.

RAFFLE:  Arriving visitors may use their admission ticket at the Raffle Tent – or keep it for free admission the next day.  Additional raffle tickets may be purchased at the Raffle Tent.

SALES TAGS & INVENTORY SHEET:  Exhibitors will be emailed a template for the sales tags and Inventory.  Use one tag per item, taped securely.  Sales tags should be printed on card stock, any color.  Enter your name, item number and price – that tag will be removed at check-out and used to tabulate your sales.  Waterproof ink is a good idea!  A completed Inventory sheet will be collected from Exhibitor displays for use by Sales Tent staff.

POSTCARDS & PUBLICITY: Pottery Fair postcards will be available in April for exhibitors to use at shows prior to Pottery Fair.  Please display/distribute postcards at your other sales, hand them out wherever you can, provide to galleries and share via your social media contacts.  You will also receive via email the postcard and a letter size poster – please print and post in your geographic area.  The Guild will not mail postcards, but will continue increasing electronic outreach, paid advertising, and posting on community calendars.   The Art Park will assist by including the Pottery Fair on its website, electronic communications, and community calendar listings.

FINAL BREAKDOWN ON SUNDAY:  All exhibitors are requested to clear their displays quickly as soon as Pottery Fair ends on Sunday and then to assist in collective efforts to return the Art Barn & Gallery to pre-Pottery Fair condition, patrol the grounds, and return relocated equipment to the Art Barn.  The Art Park pays a dumping fee to dispose of Pottery Fair trash; if you can take a bag or two home with you on Saturday it will help.  Any part of your display that you are unable to remove on Sunday may be picked up on Monday, or possibly later by arranging with Art Park Assistant Director Sarah Tietje-Mietz:  315-655-3196 or sarah@stonequarryhillartpark.org

CANCELLATION: Registration fees can be refunded in the event of cancellation prior to July 1.  Please notify Stephen Waldron if you need to cancel.  After that time, your entry fee cannot be refunded.

QUESTIONS:  Email Stephen Waldron at segwaldron@gmail.com or 214 Brookford Road, Syracuse, NY 13224

**NOTE:  The Syracuse Ceramic Guild cannot be responsible for any damage, theft, or loss of items exhibited at the Pottery Fair.